Company profile

Property Inc. A premier real estate company in Kolkata

Property Inc. has been a RELIABLE name in Kolkata real estate market for more than 20 years. Whether it is corporate client servicing or enabling home buyers to find the best residential property in Kolkata, Property Inc. has proven time and again that they are the most reliable service providers in this industry.

From the very beginning, Property Inc. has been thoroughly dedicated to locate and the best properties in and around Kolkata that fetch the maximum ROI for investors. All the premium properties in Kolkata that are presented by Property Inc. have been thoroughly checked and evaluated so that they bring the best results for the investors.

The team at Property Inc. believes in maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity in whatever they do. They always keep their deals completely transparent for their clients so that they do not have any doubts or confusions regarding any aspect of the process. By helping people to find the best property in Kolkata that can serve as their dream home, Property Inc. has brought happiness to many of clients already. This has made Property Inc. one of the most front running real estate solutions providers that the people can rely on.

Mission, Objectives


Our Mission

At Property Inc, our mission is to help families in India get their dream homes that make them proud.

People in India are always striving to buy homes that would be the perfect nests for themselves and their family members. We completely understand this need and so we always strive to present the finest homes for buyers in India at the best prices.


Our Objectives

From the very beginning, we at Property Inc believe in presenting the most reliable real estate services to our clients that would in turn make it possible for them to have ownerships for the best properties without any fuss.

We also consider it important at every step of the way to maintain clarity and honesty so that there are no hidden catches for our clients. Whether it is about the involved costs or clauses, our clients are informed from the beginning regarding what they are getting into.

We at Property Inc always make sure that our clients have the best deals no matter which property they are looking to invest in. By negotiating effectively for our clients, we can present them with the most profitable deals within the shortest turnaround time.

Main Service

Selling & buying consultation

Property Inc focuses on offering reliable consultation services in every step of the buying and selling process of properties. The sole intention of Property Inc is to connect a prospective buyer of a particular property with the actual seller of the property via its website. By providing a unified interface for certain specific real estate projects, Property Inc or any of the group companies or affiliates associated with it does not offer any kind of service to the users for any kind of commercial purposes or other reasons except for the basic intention of offering access to a well coordinated communication system that would help in rallying information from the various third parties to the buyer of property that is going to be transmitted or stored or hosted temporarily.

With the help of Property Inc, one can easily understand the various steps associated with the legal acquiring of a property. The experts at Property Inc can guide a prospective buyer about the various properties that he or she may be interested in and opt for one that best matches his or her requirements. The consultancy services that are offered by Property Inc are geared on ensuring maximum satisfaction for the property buyers.

Valuation of property

While buying a property, deciding on its valuation is an important step as it allows the buyer to choose whether or not he or she is inclined to invest in it or not. At Property Inc. we always focus on getting the best prices for our clients so that it becomes easier for them to buy a property that they ideally would like to own. At every step of the way, we focus on maintaining profitability for the clients that we serve and this enables us to offer them the best property deals at the shortest turnaround times.

Our ability to strike the best deals with our real estate partners enables us to offer the best property valuations to our buyers on a consistent level. Therefore when our clients get in touch with us, they can certainly expect the best prices for any small or large property they intend to buy. Being a leading member of the real estate industry, we can present the finest options of homes for our buyers. Whether a person is looking to get a 2 BHK property in Kolkata or a 3 BHK property, we can certainly offer the finest options in this city with the best price valuations for our clients to consider.

Bank Support

Bank support is often needed in order to get a home loan when a person is looking to buy a home. A home loan can be defined as a specific type of loan that is taken for constructing or buying a home. It can also be taken for making improvements or alterations to a particular residential property. At Property Inc. we make sure that our clients get the best deals when they are out looking for home loans with banks or registered companies offering finance for housing.

The home loan that is offered to the client is secured perfectly against the property which the client is intending to buy. In other words, it indicates that if the client is somehow unable to pay the loan back, the lending bank is going to have the right for taking possession of the home.

Different types of home loans are offered by the bank, some of which include home purchase loan, home improvement loan, home extension loan, home construction loan, balance transfer loan, land purchase loan and refinance loans as well as loans for the NRIs. By making sure that a particular client is eligible to get a home loan, Property Inc can ensure that the client is able to get the best home loan deals from a particular bank.

Home furnishing

Whether you buy a small or a large flat, you need to invest in home furnishings in order to deck up your new apartment. At Property Inc. we can help you to find the best home furnishing options that would be suitable for your home. Depending on your tastes of aesthetic preferences, the experts at Property Inc can help in choosing the best items for the purpose of home furnishing. Once the professionals working with Property Inc. present their expertise on home furnishing to you, you can very well turn your apartment into a perfect haven that you can be proud of.

NRI Client Servicing

At Property Inc. we take special care to make sure that all of our NRI clients are perfectly satisfied when they are looking to acquire a property in Kolkata. Being a non resident Indian, it can be difficult for them to attend to regular meetings regarding a property. They can also be pressed for time due to which it becomes difficult for them to make sure that all paperwork relating to a property is in correct order. However, we at Property Inc can take care of all the formalities associated with buying, renting or investing in a property, thereby make sure that our NRI client has nothing to worry.

Invest on Property

Investing in the real estate market is a great way to earn substantial financial returns. By investing your money on a property that is currently getting built, you can not only secure a better future for yourself and your family but also guarantee better chances of finding a great home in the future. However, like anyone else, you will also require professional guidance when you are looking to invest on property. At Property Inc. we can provide you with the most reliable advice when you are looking to invest your hard earned money on real estate properties and stand to earn the maximum financial benefits from them.